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TRW1 Manual




The Thermal Reflex Sight Wide View (TRW1) is your tactical advantage for any close encounter situation. This thermal device is perfect for home defense, tracking, scanning, and close-range shooting within 100 yards. With an extra wide field of view, the quick-target acquisition sight is the most compact, lightweight, and durable thermal device on the market. With a detection range up to 500-yards, this incredibly compact sight produces crystal clear images on its 1.63” AMOLED display. The TRW1 also features a quick-release Picatinny mount and IP67 weatherproof rating so it will hold up in any terrain and tough weather conditions.


Extra Wide Field of View

With the vast field of view, the device allows for easy target detection and unparalleled target acquisition. The Thermal Reflex Sight Wide View has a 500-yard maximum detection range and a 225-yard recognition range. At a frame rate of 25 Hz, the device captures sharp thermal images and smoothly tracks rapidly moving targets. The objective lens is 6.8 mm and has a field of view of 250 ft @ 100 yds. This thermal reflex sight has a 1 to 4x magnification with a detector resolution of 240 x 210.


High-Quality Compact Design

The thermal unit has a 1.63” display with infinite eye relief and a quick release picatinny mount. The device is compact and lightweight weighing only .55 lbs. It has a sleek profile sitting at just under 3 inches high.


Durable and Reliable

The thermal reflex sight provides both day and night use for hunting, scouting, and surveilling. This unit is capable of handling over 53 ft/lb. of recoil allowing compatibility with a large variety of firearms and crossbows. Additionally, the TRW1 is dust and water-resistant to an international protection rating of IP67.


Precision Targeting

The visible 650 nm laser allows for rapid target acquisition and identification. The device has four reticle options with four different reticle color options. Each palette option will detect heat and display it in the selected color. The four-color palettes include: White Hot, Black Hot, Red Hot, and Full Color. The four reticle patterns include: Crosshair, Half crosshair, single dot and single dot with surrounding brackets. The device is capable of manual or automatic shutter calibration, ensuring a clear image every time. The unit can save four sets of zeroing data, allowing for quick use and easy mounting on multiple firearms and crossbows as well as saving different ballistic models for the same firearm.

Thermal Reflex Sight Wide View – TRW1

SKU: 203211
Excluding Sales Tax
    • Quick Target Acquisition
    • Magnification: 1-4x
    • Resolution: 240 x 210
    • Pixel Size: 17µm
    • Frame Rate: 25Hz
    • Objective Lens: 6.8mm
    • Field of View: 250 ft @ 100 yds
    • Detection Range: 500 yards (vehicle) & 225 yards (person)
    • NETD: ≤40mk
    • Laser: 650nm
    • Reticle: 5 styles with 4 reticle color options
    • Display Screen: 1.63” Color AMOLED
    • Power Supply: CR123 Battery (qty. 1)
    • Battery Life: 3.5 hours
    • IP Rating: IP67
    • Dimension: 2.3 in x 3.17 in x 2.9 in
    • Weight: 0.55 lb
    • Mount: Quick Release Picatinny Mount